Snow day…

This should make for an interesting day.

My childcare provider had surgery last night (and still offered to take the boys today. M – I know you are reading and you should know you are a crazy woman!) and it’s a snow day so the whole team is home.

That might be fun on another day but today I have a deadline.

So, right now I am typing with one finger while holding the Little Dude in the other, attempting to prevent him from pressing buttons on the computer. Big Dude is happily coloring beside me but insisting on a full colour commentary while he does so.

I think some electronic bribery is in order so I can get some work done. With luck, I can get my assignment done in a few hours and take the rest of the day to play… after all, that’s what snow days are supposed to be for.

Post Script: You know how I always argue that all moms need a good support network? Well, today is a great example of that advice in action. The Girl was booked to babysit so a mommy friend could go to the gym… when the mom in question arrived both she and The Girl generously offered to take the boys for the morning so I could meet my deadline. After navigating slippery streets (thankfully the friend lives nearby) to drop the boys off, I am now at home, at the computer, in a quiet house. Special thanks to The Girl and to L. Now to get the work done so I can get out and have some fun on this snow day!

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