My Own Worst Enemy…

I think I’m my own worst enemy.

I complain about people not treating this like a real job but then I come down to my office and find piles of junk collected during half-hearted attempts to clean other, more high traffic, areas of the house.

Now, granted my mother-in-law was visiting for the last few weeks and much of the stuff currently piled on my desk (and floor, and filing cabinet and printer and.. and.. and) is stuff that would normally be put in the spare room which she had been occupying but I think that’s a rather pitiful excuse. The reality is that my office is a dumping ground for everything that’s in the way in the rest of the house.

Maybe it’s because my office is located in a glorified hallway… it you want to be generous it’s an alcove. I have no window and no heater. If the door to the space room is not left open it is too cold to work in my office. Needless to say, it’s not the ideal space to make me feel like a real professional.

I keep saying I’ll clean it out and organize it but I never do (the ‘to file’ bin is getting taller than me!). Even when I manage to make an attempt at cleaning it out, 30 seconds later it has a new layer of junk deposited. The family has even been getting in on it. If there is something The Husband or The Girl doesn’t know where to put, it ends up on my desk… or on my floor. Then it sits there… and sits there… and sits there some more. When I actually do get into the office, I usually have a deadline. The chaos is overwhelming when I get enough work done to actually re-surface and look around.

I’m not sure what the answer is. I know staying motivated is a real problem for many people who work-at-home (yet another big problem with so much else going on in my life) but I think it also requires an attitude adjustment. This IS a real job. After a career in high pressure daily news, the pace of working at home and doing laundry on my breaks is a big change. I have to convince myself that this is my talent and this is how I choose to use it before I can convince anyone else. I miss the company found in a newsroom and I miss the pressure of multiple deadlines, but I still choose this life over full-time, out-of-the-house work any day.

Now the challenge is to remind myself of that…. and find somewhere other than my office to shovel all this crap!

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2 Responses to My Own Worst Enemy…

  1. Kaylie says:

    I agree…I don't even have my own computer right now, so sometimes I have to kick people off if I want to write. I don't mind doing that, but it's a convenient excuse when I'm procrastinating.

  2. Divawrites says:

    It may be an alcove, but at least it's an office. My "office" is my kitchen table. I have to do a complete purge of the spare room to make an office, and I don't know where to start.I routinely misplace papers because I don't have an office to put them in (and I hate filing…) Right now, the hospital papers I need for my pre-op in December are AWOL. They're here somewhere. Seriously, don't give me papers in July for surgery in January that I need in December and expect me to still know where they are in November, especially when we've had houseguests and painted my "office" in the interim…We do the best we can do. period.

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