Confessions of an E-mail Addict

I have a confession to make.

I like to check my email…. a lot.

I open my inbox in the morning and don’t close it until bedtime… sometimes not even then. 

My fancy new Ipod Touch means I even check in bed.

When I have a project to tackle that I’m not looking forward to starting… I check my inbox.

When I need to make a phone call… I check my inbox first.

When I’m on a deadline… my inbox stays open, alerting me to any potential offers to help a Nigerian prisoner or a press release announcing some non-event four provinces away.

These are the confessions of an e-mail addict.

The worst part is that I haven’t even been able to admit this is a problem.  I rail at my seeming inability to focus… while checking my e-mail.

The good news is I am not alone.  Linda Formichelli over at The Renegade Writer has the same problem.  I find it comforting to know writers with more commercial success than I work with the same handicaps.

That said… today I start my efforts to kick my addiction.

I am closing my inbox.

I will not reopen my inbox until noon.

That goes for Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn…. my friends and colleagues will think I have disappeared but we have to make sacrifices on the alter of productivity.

So… here I go…. closing the inbox.

There.  Done.  I feel some withdrawal and a strange sense that I might miss something… but I will soldier on.

Now to set the timer for 50 minutes and tackle my day.

…. but maybe I should check to see if that client has gotten back to me… in the last five minutes.

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One Response to Confessions of an E-mail Addict

  1. Lisa MacColl says:

    Hello, my name is Lisa and I am a social media addict…And I NEVER close my e-mail until the computer goes down at night…

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