Already missing my Canadian Living

My mother has, as long as I can remember, been reading Canadian Living. It was when I was living on my own and started getting my own copies that I felt like an adult.

It is my dream magazine in terms of my writing career and it is my favorite magazine to read. I love the recipes and I love the take on Canadian life.

Unfortunately, I cancelled my subscription this month. When I got off the phone after doing so, I actually felt sad. I looked forward to getting my copy each month. The last one arrived yesterday and I look forward to reading it and savouring it.

You may be wondering, if I love the magazine so much, why stop reading? The answer has to do with the Canadian Living parent company, Transcontinental, not the magazine. You see Transcontinental has a new contract for all writers working for its various publications and it has caused uproar in the writing community.

An unprecedented coalition of more than a dozen respected writers associations have banded together to boycott Transcontinental publications. The new contract, while vague in its wording, give the company the right to use and reuse work written for one magazine in any other of the company’s numerous publications as many times as the company wants. The writer technically retains copyright over the work but loses any ability to profit from that copyright. More information about the boycott and the contract can be found at

So, for now I will miss my Canadian Living recipes but I will continue to hope Transcontinental will recognize the rights of the people who help make their magazines so popular. We work hard and, while we recognize the magazine industry is struggling, we also have to make a living wage and retain a little control over our creative works. I’ll miss my magazine but I can’t support a company that expects me to give my work away for peanuts. Hopefully, once the Transcontinental offers a new contract, I’ll still be able to see my byline in the pages of Canadian Living someday.

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  1. Lisa Romeo says:

    Those writers organizations — and you — are doing the right thing. I wish we had a similarly strong coalition in the U.S. Publishers are growing ever more aggressive in their rights grabbing. Hang in there and good luck w/your writing career.

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