Two steps forward…

I did it! For the first time in years, all of my Christmas packages are in the mail and I didn’t even have to spring for the expensive express post as they were wrapped and at the post office in plenty of time. Even the Christmas cards, which in the last few years have sadly become new years cards, are out. It’s a Christmas miracle.

Now, why don’t I feel relief?

Unfortunately, I already know the answer. It’s because I have this insane need to do even more. I finished most of the shopping early so I decided to take on crafts for all the kids as special gifts from mom. That’s great, in theory, but now I have all this material waiting for me to find time to haul out my sewing machine (and liberate it from the years of dust which I’m sure will render it useless).

Do I do too much? Yes. Do I know how to stop? No.

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3 Responses to Two steps forward…

  1. dawna says:

    i, for one, completely understand your compulsion.

  2. Divawrites says:

    Last year, my husband had lost his job and was not coping well…I was frantically trying to keep the ship off the rocks, generate some income…AND get ready for Christmas.I had stupidly decided that Laura needed new pjs for Christmas Eve…and that I was going to make them. Now I sew pjs often for her…but not with life falling around my head. I got them 2/3 completed…and finally waved the white flag and admitted defeat. I skidded into Christmas Day with the house half cleaned…and I served basically raw carrots at Christmas dinner. I’ve never been so stressed and ill-prepared in my life. It was not a good year.This year, I managed to mail the parcels, only because one has to go to Australia, and it cost me $100 last year to send it courier because I missed the cutoff and it weighed too much for air mail. I haven’t done the Christmas cards yet, cookies are still a figment of my imagination, and there are no decorations up yet. I’ll have to crack the whip…but I’m NOT making pjs this year. I finished up last year’s a few weeks ago…I am, however, frantically knitting a replacement Christmas stocking for my close friend, who somehow chucked her sentimental son’s one last year with the Christmas wrap. I made all 5 of them the first go-round…so now I’m making a replacement as fast as I can click the sticks so that Matt won’t know it was his sock that is missing…If only I could write with my toes, I could write the cards AND knit at the same time…I’m not willing to sacrifice the cards-I LOVE the Christmas Card thing…oh well…there’s always Orthodox Christmas…

  3. Megan says:

    Merry Christmas!

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