Things I have learned on my yeast-free diet…

Well… day one started with me almost blowing the diet by foraging for leftover pizza only to find it had already been consumed (it’s the first time I was glad someone got there first). Other than eating a cheesy at a kid Halloween party before remembering I wasn’t allow, I’ve been doing surprisingly well.

Things I have learned on my yeast free diet…

Grocery shopping is torture and everything I can’t eat is on sale.

  1. Even though I didn’t think I ate a lot, fruit is the thing I miss the most.
  2. Toy fruit looks really tasty when you’re not allowed to have any real fruit.
  3. Grapes can speak… loudly.  They can actually call my name from the bottom drawer of my fridge.
  4. Grapes are hard to ignore.
  5. Breakfast is the hardest meal to make on the diet.
  6. Homemade yeast-free flax bagels look a lot like cat poop. I won’t share this recipe until I have perfected it… and made it a little more edible looking.
  7. Vegan cheese doesn’t melt.
  8. Crepes made with rice milk are almost as good as the real thing… except I can’t fill them with fruit, or chocolate, or whipped cream… but they’re still good.
  9. Almond butter looks like cat puke, but it tastes good.
  10. Despite an initial murderous rage towards my naturopath, I now love her.  She says I can have coffee… in moderation.  Is three cups a day moderation?

Tomorrow I attempt yeast-free snack food.

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