The Lure of Silence…

The house is finally quiet. The kids are either off at school or day care and the husband is at work. After a week with an unfriendly visit with the rampaging flu, it’s a blissful sound. I have my cup of tea and it’s far too tempting to curl up with a book and a warm blanket and enjoy the peace. That’s the problem with working from home, or at least one of them. I find I haven’t overcome the temptation to procrastinate. I do fine on a deadline. I can get three kids fed, watered and entertained, stay up ’til three a.m. if I need to, and get an assignment finished on time and on budget. It’s that pull of a silent house when I need to be getting some research done or doing some administrative work or marketing myself that is hard to overcome. I would guess it’s a problem for most work-at-home moms. We lead such busy lives, the quiet time we do get it precious. So, now I guess I’ll take a sip of that tea, sign off this blog, and pretend the house is not quite so quiet.

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2 Responses to The Lure of Silence…

  1. dawna says:

    i know that lure quite well!

  2. Divawrites says:

    Oh yeah…the temptation to watch something on television that you want to watch…pick up the knitting, read just one chapter of the book…ignore the dishes and do something just for me…Oh yeah…I get that.

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