The Ireland Travelogue… the happiest place on earth (or so I think)

Well… the Ireland travelogue took a bit of a hiatus… I decided to enjoy what little was left of my summer.  As it is I am watching The Husband play Spiderman with the Dudes and am enjoying that more than sitting at the computer.
Anyway… back to Thomas.  He was a bit miffed at his holiday in the trunk while we enjoyed the five-star luxury of Ashford castle.  He was a bit more amenable after we let him play Lord of the Castle at this 12th Century ruin near the largest Loch in Ireland.  Note the spiral staircase built so a defending army can attack with a free sword arm while the attacker cannot. Thomas thought his golf club made a good substitute for a sword.
Our journey took us next to London and to Nirvana… the Guinness storehouse.
Here Thomas made some friends (strangers who took their pictures with him) and was even treated to a free pint (or half-pint due to his diminutive size) by a friendly bartender.
Our travels through Dublin were somewhat anti-climatic as Guinness was truly one of the happiest places on earth (complete with a bar with a panoramic view of Dublin).
We sampled some Guinness in other Dublin establishments, including the famous Temple Bar area.  Thomas made friends with a human statue.
But then it was time to come home where we exchanged one short travel companion for two more who, we have to admit, are much more fun.  Sorry Thomas, you were fun for a while but the Dudes have replaced you.  We’ll stick with them.
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