The Beest Photography

Well, it’s official, we are a two small business family. Scary. Thank goodness the husband still has a full time job on the side. Income issues aside, I’m actually really excited he’s starting to think more seriously about setting himself up professionally. For his birthday I made him a website (attached to mine at this point but I’m sure his own domain will come with time) and ordered him business cards. It was an attempt to show him how much I believe in him and his talent. I mean just look at what he can do!

How could I not be proud of him? The problem is we have a two very young kids and keeping up with them, the constantly unpredictable military schedule and my job doesn’t leave a lot of room for photography. I do my best to make time for it but I do feel like I’m constantly saying no when he wants time to go out and shoot.
I am pleased that my gifts seem to be urging him to find a way to set up a studio. We don’t have a lot of room but we can hopefully carve out an area in the storage room to create a home for The Beest Photography. Stay tuned… as we convince more friends to let us use their kids as guinea pigs The Beest Photography is set to take the photo world by storm! Check us out at

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