Thanksgiving… for whining, arguments and absent husbands.

Okay… so I’m a little late.

Thanksgiving and the fantastic turkey (that I did not have to cook!) passed last weekend…

but it’s okay cause I’m not as late as those mixed up Americans down south who do it six weeks late.

Here’s my list, in no particular order, as to why I am grateful this year.

  • I’m thankful that The Husband had to take a turn yelling at the Girl today.  I’m tired of repeating myself.
  • I’m grateful that work is slow at the moment since I’ll be driving all the kids to school thanks to a looming bus strike.
  • I’m grateful The Husband has been away because now he is home (and feeling guilty so he took the kids for the whole day!).
  • I’m grateful for The Girl’s Attitude (yes, I meant it with a capital A) because showing such an unpleasant side so unconditionally means she knows we love her no matter what… even if it feels like we may not survive some days.
  • I’m grateful for this damn broken foot because it made me slow down, even when I didn’t want to (though not for lack of trying – the limp makes for a pretty funny run when I’m in a hurry).
  • I’m grateful for the 14,000 “mummies” I hear in a day.  Even if they are whining, it means they still need me.
  • I’m grateful my husband makes good wine… I think that one is self-explanatory!

I’m thankful for all the good stuff too… it’s just easier to remember that.  So, whether it’s dirty dishes, or the unpredictable military schedule, or just not enough time in the day, I’m grateful.  It means we have food, a steady income and active and interesting lives. 

I just need to remember that more.

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