Thank you teachers

I just got back from Big Dude’s meet the teacher night.  All I can say is…wow.

I feel blessed this year… but then again I felt blessed last year.  It takes a special person to not only teach children but to encourage and support them year after year.

Big Dude’s teacher is great.  She sends weekly updates to parents and really goes the extra mile, to the point that she has recorded herself reading 50 different books in French so that anglophone parents don’t have to worry about not being able to pronouce the words correctly.

Thank you to all you teachers out there.  We are all in your debt.

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  1. Jen As Herself says:

    I agree. My girls' teacher last year was just like you describe here and it was such an amazing student/teacher/parent relationship. This year, not so much, but great in in different ways.

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