Small Superheros… cute but do they have to have guns?

What is with boys???

This is the art that came home from preschool with Little Dude today.

This is a bomb factory.

This is the same factory but now it makes lasers.

How am I raising such violence?  I understand it is not just me.  Part of the problem is that, in being a younger brother, he is exposed to toys and TV meants for an older audience but Big Dude went through this as well, perhaps a little less extreme.

We do not play with guns in our house.  We watch age appropriate shows.  I am fully aware that they don’t need guns to play war.  Every piece of lego or stick within in our neighbourhood has been a ‘shooter’ (my politically correct option to gun) at some time or another.

That said, it would be nice if those factories could make cookies or stuffed animals.

Oh well… I wanted boys and boys I got.  I guess I’ll have to comfort myself with the thought that, with Spiderman, Batman, Superman, The Hulk and Ironman all in residence, our house is safe from villians.

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