I’ve been doing some research for an article I’m writing on faith and social media and, in particular, have come across some interesting commentary on blogs. They’ve been referred to by some of my sources as self-indulgent. It got me thinking. Is this self-indulgent?
I started the blog as an exercise in writing more than anything else. As a small business owner, even though I run a writing business, I was supprised at all the work I did that was not writing. I began the blog in an attempt to write more. I like to post something between my morning coffee and opening my e-mail. That way I start my work day on a creative note. Is the result then self-indulgent? Certainly there is the temptation to complain when things aren’t going so well but I look at it as a chance to reflect. Is the fact that I do so in a public forum then self-indulgent? I’d like to think it’s about more than just airing my thoughts. I have had people thank me for the honesty in expressing thing they felt they couldn’t… but then again most of the content is about me and my family.
It’s an interesting question… and not one I’m totally sure I’m confortable with.

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