Season for Miracles…

There are some days that the world seems to be against you.

Here it is Christmas Eve and my son, potentially both of them, have woken with a fever. We are at my mother’s house, who’s immune system is very low and who is starting chemo in five days. We are expecting my sister, her husband and her four kids in a few hours and the chaos is about to begin.

This year I am making my New Years resolution early. Despite all those things threatening to bring me down, I am going to be positive and be festive. I’m going to expect health and happiness.

This is the season of miracles isn’t it? I think it’s our turn.

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  1. Sarah @ says:

    On a positive note, then, I sincerely hope that your holidays went up from there. It sounds like you've got quite a bit going on and I think that just the fact that you're making a resolution to stay positive is amazing.I know that I, for one, almost always can be counted on to wallow when a little positivity is in order. So cheers to you for being twice the person I am =)Also, happy belated holidays and warm wishes for your mother.

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