Resolve Update: Gratitude

Studies done at the University of California show people who express their gratitude daily are 25% happier and significantly healthier than those who don’t. I’m curious to test the theory.

Gratitude Diary
Day One:
It’s an interesting experience, consciously stopping in the moment to acknowledge gratefulness. I feel more aware of my surroundings. I’m not sure I feel more grateful than before, but I think I have been a little happier today. Even playing Mahjong with my mom and her friends (and loosing badly), when I stopped to mentally acknowledge: my gratitude for the opportunity to be able to play without distractions, for the fact that we all were enjoying ourselves (especially mum), and that I had the mental clarity to be able to play a strategy game like this, made life feel a little brighter. I found myself stopping to live in the moment more. I like the feeling so far.

Day Two:
I started the day cheerier than I might otherwise have (mornings are not my best time of day). My trip out to do errands for mom went well, even with the deteriorating weather. I found the wind and sleet didn’t dampen my mood and felt grateful I could get out and do these things before the weather closer in. Later when more frustrations hit, I found it harder to look within the moment and find something to be grateful for. Still, after a little deep breathing I was able to acknowledge that just being here in this moment was a blessing. I’m learning gratitude has to be a conscious effort, but one that seems to bring benefits.

“Don’t pray when it rains, if you don’t pray when the sun shines” -Leroy [Stachel] Paige.

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