Ode to My Child Care Provider

It’s a sad day. I am loosing my child care provider.

This is the downside to military life. The important people in our life come and go with far too much regularity. I count myself lucky that she came into our lives and it will be a little darker when she’s gone. I will miss my friend and the boys will miss the finest child care provider they will ever have.

This is the woman who took my kids in and loved them from the first day, who took on my oldest when he was an only child but couldn’t wait for his brother to come as well. This the woman who left her own family to show up at my house at 4 am ready to take care of my kids, including a solely breastfed four-week-old baby, when I was being taken to hospital (gallbladder attack, it has since been removed). This is the woman who refused to charge me for hours and hours of overtime when my mother was having surgery.

I will miss the flexibility, knowing that, even though I only book the kids in twice a week, she’s there if I need more or less time. I will miss the knowledge that my kids are safe and cared for in the same way I would (often better – she’s got WAY more patience that I ever will!). Most of all, I will miss my friend. She started out as the woman who cared for my kids, but her love for my them made me love her too. She has made the complicated balance of working from home and raising young kids a little more stable. She has become one of my closest friends. I’m not looking forward to navigating this crazy life without her nearby.

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