Gratitude and a sixth birthday.

I’ll continue posting about my diet this week but for today I have other thoughts….

Big Dude turned six today.

It is a fascinating age.  I see glimpses of the big boy he will become but love the little one that remains for the moment. 

I write these words to you my little man….

I was never sure how I would take to motherhood but now can’t imagine my life without you.  You, my first born, are teaching me far more than I ever expected. 

Thank you for teaching me to observe the little moments.  I get so wrapped up in my day and all the little tasks I ‘have’ to accomplish that it is easy to loose the details but, when I catch you out of the corner of my eye, I realize how important it is to watch what’s happening around me.  The day I came downstairs to find you reading a story to your little brother for the first time is one of my favorite moments but I almost missed it because of laundry.

Thank you for needing me.  Not just for meals or to fix your toy for the hundredth time but for still needing my presence in your life; for running into the house because you can’t wait to tell me about your day or hanging outside my bedroom door until you know I’m awake and you can come in and give me a morning hug.

Thank you for embracing life.  Whether you take off running with a stranger child on the playground or master a new skill for the first time, the joy you show in life is inspiring.

Thank you for letting me be your mummy.  I’m grateful.

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  1. Teena in Toronto says:

    Happy birthday!

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