Goodbye Baby Years…

It appears the baby years are behind us. The last of the baby paraphernalia is on its way out. Last night was The Baby’s first in a toddler bed. I guess I’ll have to come up with a new pseudonym for him now.

The cribs are gone and the bunk beds are due to be delivered today. What a change. Not only is The Baby coming out of the crib but The Boy is big enough to move into a top bunk.

I thought I’d feel sad when we got to this stage. I’ve loved the baby years. I loved breastfeeding. I loved the first smiles and words and steps. There are no more babies for us. Pregnancies and hyperemesis gravedarum (severe morning sickness that landed me in hospital multiple times) meant there was no question of doing that again – not that we wanted to, both The Husband and I feel our family is complete.

Despite that I feel no regret; no longing for another little baby. Even when I meet newborns, I find myself admiring them but with no wish to have another of my own. What I feel now is excitement. I love watching my boys take those steps towards growing up. The big ‘firsts’ may be behind us now but there is still so much new ahead of us. This year is the first that The Boy really gets the concept of Santa and it is so much fun to watch. The military base here put on a great show with the big guy arriving in a Search and Rescue Helicopter. The Boy was so excited he was practically vibrating.

So, goodbye baby years and bring on the bunk beds. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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