Entering the Wide World of Technology

I’m a multi-tasking Mama.
….well, I always was but now I’m doing it in high tech style. I have entered the world of the iPhone.

I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.
Don’t get me wrong. I love my new toy. There are lots of ways this will make things easier but it also means I’m taking the office with me.

While occupied with family errands and volunteer work today I still managed to correspond with an editor, arrange for some photos for an article and do some research. All that is good… But at the same time, I’m now missing watching Little Dude’s judo practice in favour of writing this post.

One of the biggest challenges in this technology obsessed lifestyle is using these great tools appropriately. A recent lecture at Big Dude’s home and school group had a school board tech expert talking about the need to raise good ‘digital citizens.’

He spoke not only about protecting kids online but about teaching them the best way to use all this technology, about etiquette and timing and creativity.

I guess that means I better put my toy away so I don’t miss the important moments.

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