Clean Slate

I know, last week I was bitching about being told to ‘decide to have a good day,’ but while I still take offence at the simplicity and banality of such a statement, I think today I might actually have to take the advice.

I have decided to pretend last week didn’t happen. The overload of The Baby’s fevers combined with horrible teething, The Girl’s exams, the van’s refusal to cooperate with simple things like starting, my own unpleasant illness and my husband’s absence is best forgotten. I even managed to fail at my diet, gaining two pounds instead of shedding them (how is that possible since one of those days I ate almost nothing?).

The big snowfall yesterday combined with my seemingly endless driveway could have pushed me over the edge. Instead, I left the dinner dishes, stuffed The Boy into his snowsuit and went out to tackle the snow. It was absolutely beautiful out. There was no one else in sight and the two of us had a ball. My favorite quote of the night was “Mommy, come here. I want to throw snow at you.” We spent nearly an hour clearing the snow, or in The Boy’s case, moving it around. We came in tired but happy. Of course, the untouched dishes on the table and crying baby in The Girl’s arms could have gotten me down again but I decided enough was enough. I got the boys to bed, helped The Girl study and fell into my own bed.

Today, I got up and did my Yoga, got the boys to day care and am now sitting down to work in a somewhat clean office (somewhat clean is far better than it’s usual state as a dumping ground for unfiled work and general household debris). I choose to count today as a clean start. As a military wife with who knows what on the horizon I have to function on my own. If I let the specter of last week hang over my head I’ll be doomed before I even start.

So, clean slate. Dinner is in the crock pot (I’m still in love with this particular appliance and will post recipes as they come – try the fabulous blog A Year of Crockpotting if you want to find something now) and I’m off to work.

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