Birthday Party Madness

I have come to the conclusion that I am a sad, sad woman.

My kids’ birthday parties are getting out of hand. I have two parties within the two weeks and the guest list alone is enough to send any mother into an anxiety attack. I always do this. I make up my guest list of my friends and The Boy’s friends (generally the same list) and send out the invites. Then I spend the next two weeks adding people to the list because I think it would be nice to see them, or it would be nice to get to know them better. Then the annual descent into crazy begins. So far this year I have:

-hand made the invitation s (see photo)
-hand decorated the loot bags
-ordered Hot Wheels junk on e-bay that probably won’t even get here on time
-arranged for Elmo to attend The Baby’s Elmo party (cleverly disguised as The Boy in an Elmo costume)
-invited nearly thirty children between the two parties (9 days apart)

At least, I have, at last, discovered justification for my madness. I am a frustrated Martha Stewart. I make no claim to her level of skill but I love to entertain. There were always parties at my parent’s house growing up and when I moved out on my own I did it too, though not to the same extent as my mother. Kids have changed that. We don’t have parties any more. We’re simply too tired. Even on the rare occasion that The Husband and I agree it would be fun, the party never actually materializes.

It’s sad but true, the birthday parties have become my only outlet for entertaining. A year’s worth of pent up hostessing bursts forth into one annual orgy of birthday parties. It’s crazy, it’s fun, it’s exhausting… but I’ll never learn.

I have recovered, somewhat sufficiently, from the first (hence the photo of the race car cake) and am moving onto the next. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have Elmo cupcakes to plan and create!
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2 Responses to Birthday Party Madness

  1. Divawrites says:

    Okay, you're scaring me. Can I hire you to do Laura's party, logistics notwithstanding…Her 1st birthday, I spent HOURS decorating a winnie the Pooh cake. She preferred Dairy Queen ice cream. Last 2 years, it's been DQ and I felt like a failure.This year will be her first "real" (read invite little girls)party. She's already been to 2 parties and return invites will be required.Her birthday falls 1 month after I'm having a hysterectomy…we may go somewhere, or I'll hire the party planner I met through Twitter and met in person today. I'm not going to be stupid and expect to do this myself. Supermom's cape will be in the cleaners…

  2. Atlantic Writer says:

    I am a firm believer that store bought is a great alternative… I just can't seem to stop myself from all the DIY!

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