Back-to-school promises

Dear Big Dude:

You are a week into Grade One and I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen in just one year. 

One year? Make that six years.

Those faceless advice givers all mums meet when they are pregnant warned me it would go too fast but it is still hard to believe you are in your second year of school.

I know many mums watch this stage with sadness and long for the baby years again but I greet these changes with excitement.  I loved your baby years but watching you learn about the world around you is amazing.  As part of the Mom Congress Back-to-School Blogathon I offer there promises:

  • I promise not to forget that change is scary no matter how big you are or how excited you’ve been.  The little boy who was so impatient for the first day of school this year is the same little boy who shook with unshed tears waiting for the bus when that day finally came.
  • I promise to provide real food for your lunch and snacks.  Fresh food that will feed your curiosity and fuel your excitement.
  • I promise to be present in your life and in your school.  Your teacher will know me and so will the ladies in the office.  I will be the one willing to stop and chat.  I will be that mom for which they are willing to go the extra mile.
  • I promise to read to you and with you.  I promise to find books that challenge and interest you.  I promise to keep reading to you even when your french immersion language skills out strip my own.  I even promise to read Pokemon to you.  If that is what gets you reading, that’s what we will read (even if I feel like it might kill me to learn about one more Pokemon).
  • I promise to talk to you.  Even when it takes days to work out the real story of what happened (your five year old brain can be a bit rough on an aging Mummy), I promise to hear your story and help you work out the solution.
  • Most of all, I promise to love you and that love will help you become an amazing and accomplished even Bigger Dude.

Love Mummy.

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    1. Anonymous says:

      Every child needs and deserves a mother like you Megan. Your boys and step daughter are very blessed indeed.

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