Back from the dead

Where the hell have you been?!

That might be my question for a friend that disappears for nearly two months without a word.

If I had a good excuse I’d give it to you.  I don’t.  Instead I have come up with the following list of lame excuses.  Pick whichever offends you the least.

  • I ran away and joined the circus (oh, sorry, that’s just my fantasy after two snow days in a row followed by two days with a sick and whiny kid at home and then The Girl’s wisdom tooth extraction – the circus has to be easier!).
  • Santa Claus left behind a Christmas mess that has taken until Groundhog Day to clean up (who am I kidding – this house isn’t clean).
  • My new iPhone has caused a dangerous addiction which has me nearly surgically attached to Facebook.
  • I’m drowning in work (HA! Even I laugh at that one. I have to find time and energy to make it into the office for that part to be even remotely plausible).
  • I have been closely working with a web designer (okay, maybe sporadic emails is more honest) to re-brand my various sites into one easily updatable and no longer amateurish (meaning free) location… welcome to the new and improved (Mis)Adventures Mom.  I’ll try to stick around this time.
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