Ahhhhh… that’s slightly better.

Okay… it really was driving me crazy.

Driven out of my basement office by sub-zero temperatures, I was forced to work in my living room, sorry, I should say, TRY to work in my living room. Every time I tried to write I would look up and see the clutter that used to be my house.

It is truly unbelievable the amount of stuff a family of five can accumulate, especially after Christmas. I had to act. I made an editorial decision to take a personal day, or what was left of it after a few hours of trying to force myself to work, and tackle some of the mess. I powered through it for three hours and I feel exponentially better.

The unfortunate thing is that I am far from done, in fact, to most it would look like I have actually accomplished very little, but I know that I have made a substantial start.

Now maybe I just have to find a way to let the things I haven’t done (which haunt me whenever I turn around and catch a glimpse of more piles of stuff) depress me.

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