A little change goes a long way….

I feel better just walking into my living room.

When I took down the Christmas tree, up late as usual trying to get the house stuff finished after all the other day’s demands are done (and asleep!), the room looked bare. Anyone who does this on a yearly basis will know this is not unusual, after all the Christmas finery (and we go over the top in my house), the normal routine looks a little bland. I took the opportunity to switch it up a bit. I moved furniture around in the room, even bringing in some pieces from other rooms. The result is more than just a fresher looking room. It has aired out my whole attitude.

It is helping me find a new perspective, just seeing what a few changes can do to a tired room gives me hope for the new year and a tired mommy. This is what I was looking for, a new perspective to go with the new calendar.

I find it interesting how much our physical space affects our mental well being. When all I saw was chaos I was depressed and overwhelmed, now I still see all the things I have to do but am encouraged by what I have already done.

Now, if only I could convince myself to tackle my office!

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3 Responses to A little change goes a long way….

  1. dawna says:

    go, megan! glad you’re feeling better about everything. see you soon.

  2. Julie says:

    Well done Megan! Yes I must admit I read your blog often (first time leaving a message. Hint to others!) Even if I am not a working Mom (officially) I so understand and feel pretty much you are going through! We all love our kids to death but sometimes we wish…. All this to say is keep up your good work (and your blog) you express the feeling of many of us! Take care.Julie

  3. Divawrites says:

    You’ve inspired me to FINALLY tackle the clutter in my house.It is overwhelming…and I don’t know where to start…so the only way to do it is simply TO start…after coffee.

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