I got one of those ubiquitous e-mail forwards today. It told me to wake up and decide to have a good day. I wish it were that easy.

For reasons I’m not willing to get into on the internet, I am not having a good day… and that seems to be happening a lot lately. I’d really like to have a good day but it just seems that life continually keeps throwing punches. I have worked hard at making this year fresh… I rearranged the furniture, I got a mini makeover and I’m on a diet (and have lost four pounds I should add!!!). These are all good and positive things and I’d like to savour my little victories but when the bigger picture is dragging me down it’s tough to be positive.

I’m running out of strategies to help me keep my cool. I went to the gym last night and got mad at the elliptical machine. I felt a lot better after that but life doesn’t let me do that very often. I try doing the exercise at home on my new Wii Fit (which I love by the way) but having a 3 year old begging to play the ‘bowling game’ while I attempt to do Yoga is not very calming.

I feel like this blog is becoming a list of complaints. That is certainly not what I ever intended, but every time I try a new strategy for a saner, calmer work-at-home mommy something else comes along to negate all that progress. I’m open for suggestions… how do we, as busy mommies who have limited time without kids or a multitude of other commitments, blow off some steam and lower our stress levels?

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  1. dawna says:

    i’m going off to the city this weekend all by myself to visit with some friends… there will be no children around. the very prospect of knowing i can do this has lifted my spirits. megan, sometimes we just need to admit that we can’t do it all. it’s ok to take a break for you and get back into balance…while i’m taking my break i think i’m going to figure out a plan for giving myself some time for me, everyday – even if it’s as simple as a bubble bath.i think as women we tend to spend too much time taking care of everyone and everything else, and too little time taking care of ourselves. and if we don’t feel taken care of, then we have less interest in taking care of others.that, and we need to ask for what we want. no man will ever read our minds and tell us to take some time off. but i’ve found that when i ask, i can actually get what i want.i hope you are able to find some balance, megan. please let me know if i can do anything to help.

  2. Divawrites says:

    If I had a dollar for every time I had cried hysterically in the shower, overwhelmed by this business of working from home, caring for 2 sets of aging parents, my own health problems, my overly dramatic hypochondriac husband’s imagined health problems, financial worries…and oh yeah, the WEIGHT thing, the dust bunnies, the fact that there are still Christmas ornaments to be put away, and Christmas cookie dough in the fridge that never got baked…and an almost 4 year old demanding all of my time and peeing and other things in her pants when she doesn’t get it…excuse me for a minute…I need to grab a quick shower…I completely understand how you feel. Sometimes we just need to throw our hands up in the air, say “naff it” (or other inappropriate, impolite expletive rhyming with a waterfowl) and sit our butts down and watch Judge Judy, or knit, or play a stupid computer game, or bake for the sheer joy of doing it…something that is completely and utterly self centred and only for us. We get so wound up in the business of taking care of everyone else that we forget to take care of ourselves. My body tends to flatten me when I overdo and push past my limit, powered only by stubborn and determined.You’re not whining. You’re venting. There’s a big difference. And that’s why women need girlfriends, even if sometimes they are on computer rather than sitting across the table from the huge piece of decadent something…HugsLisawho really SHOULD finish taking down the Christmas decorations….

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