The Ireland Travelogue… introducing Thomas

We have strange friends.

I guess everybody does… but ours leave us with a collection of truly ugly things. It started with a hideous, powder blue, satin pillow with our names embroidered on the front (which thankfully finally wore out from the amount of times it was hidden in some corner so we wouldn’t have to look at it). It continued with a tacky orange crab wine bottle holder which still makes it to the dinner table once in a while when the husband is feeling contrary. There have been others which have mercifully either been forgotten or disappeared in various moves.

Time and miles have taken us away from these particular friends. We miss their presence but not the gifts. We had thought this competition or tacky gifts was at an end (we got into the act and thought we had won with matching pink satin embroidered pillow shams). Then we received Thomas, or the unnamed gnome as he was at the time.

Thomas is a garden gnome… but he’s not one content to stay at home… Thomas is a travelling gnome. Thomas was given to us as we departed for Ireland. The challenge was made… were we brave enough to take along a strange new travelling companion?
No one has accused us of being particularly smart. This silly little gnome went everywhere with us. We may have left out children behind but we were still responsible parents. We made sure the little gnome was safely strapped in while we navigated the narrow roads and round-abouts.

We landed in Dublin… The Husband and I were tired and cramped from travelling coach all night… the gnome was rested and happy from travelling in the roomy cargo bay on his soft bed in The Husband’s suitcase. We broke from our travels south toward Kilkenny at the Irish National Stud.

The gnome was a little jealous of the horses getting all the attention so he wandered off into the middle of the pond and found a new friend. One that took me over some precariously placed rocks in order to retrieve him.

I found a better place for him in the next door Japanese Gardens.

Smelling a bit of manure and a bit in awe of the horse worth more than 60 Million Euro we continued our journey to Kilkenny where the little Gnome made good friends with our B&B hosts Tom and Val.

Stay tuned for Day Two with the travelling gnome….

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