The Ireland Travelogue Day Three… where Thomas gets drunk

Day three was some of the most driving we did (don’t worry Thomas was safely stowed, though by this time he had migrated from buckled into the back seat to thrown into the trunk). We saw the incredible cliffs of Moher. Thomas was a bit afraid of the sheer drop but the Irish government does a good job of making the cliffs visible but safe.

This was the first day a complete stranger has the nerve to actually come up and ask us about the gnome. He was still getting some strange looks but he was getting into the swing of things. He braved the deep, dark cave to see the largest Stalactite on public display in the world at the Doolin Caves.

But the highlight for Thomas was Bunratty. First, Thomas managed to find a few new friends.

Then he feasted at a medieval banquet where he was the first gnome to ever be served.

It took days to clean the darned rib sauce off his face.

Those who displease the Earl and his Lady are sent to the dungeon… or in Thomas’ case the fireplace.

However, flirting with the serving wenches seemed to make up for any perceived wrong doing.

The most fun was at the original Durty Nelly’s, conveniently located across from the Castle hosting the banquet. Thomas enjoyed a little casual pub music.

He even tried to join in… but lacked the necessary dexterity.
In despair he turned to Ireland’s greatest export… Guinness.

However, he lacked the ability to hold his drink and ended the night on a rough note, having to be carried home once again.

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