Ode to The Husband

I wish to write an ode to my husband.

He’s not perfect… nor would I ever wish him to be (can you imagine living with that?).

However… he is what I need him to be.

He is a loving father to my children. He is my unwavering support. He is my relief.

My parents raised me to be a strong woman… to do what needs to be done and to make sure everything runs smoothly. I live up to that as best I can… but no one can do it all.

The Husband helps me live up to those high expectations. I may criticize. I may keep score. I may even complain… but he is the one who balances me and who picks up my slack.

I don’t pretend to be easy to live with. I don’t pretend to be a perfect wife. I certainly don’t pretend to be a perfect mother.

The last five years have not been easy. It has been dominated by terminal illness, childbirth and hospitalization. I wish I could say that was all behind us but it is not (well, definitely the childbirth part is behind us). We keep facing more but, I am thankful we do it together.

It is The Husband who lets me achieve the impossible goals I set for myself. I don’t tell him enough but I appreciate all he does. Whether those actions are blatant or hidden, whether he knows he’s helping or not, I do know he is there. Some days I may not appreciate it… some days (like, perhaps today) I may go overboard with praise. Either way, I know I am part of a team and what that I accomplish is due to both our actions and both our decisions.

We celebrated our anniversary in a castle in Ireland this year… I wasn’t about to take time out to blog in that environment… but I still want to say one very important thing to the man who stands by my side… even thought others may have fallen away from the seemingly endless demands of the last five years.

To my Husband: Thank you. I may not always show it but you are the one I would chose again and again to walk this minefield of life with me. I love you.

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