Sleep Fantasies

I have to say, I’m a little jealous.

I came back from dropping the kids off at daycare today and the house was quiet. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing (though a little distracting because it makes me want to lie down and be quiet too!) but it’s spring break and The Girl is still asleep (hence the quiet).

This is the root of my jealousy. I remember those wonderful days of spring break. I was one of those teenagers for whom getting up at noon was considered sleeping in. I loved sleep and I still do. Unfortunately, I married a man who does not understand this relationship. He’s been known to get up at 4 am – just because he can’t sleep. To me, that is freakishly unnatural and totally incomprehensible. The worst part about his sleep patterns is that he has passed them on to our children. The first child got up at 6 am this morning – and that is sleeping in. We have had three days in a row before that of 5:15 am.

I love motherhood and all it entails but I swear the denial of sleep must be some torture technique we have to suffer through to get the good stuff like the cuddles and the I love yous (which I have to say my boys are particularly talented at). I wouldn’t repeat my teenager years if you paid me, but I do admit it is days like this that I get a little nostalgic. We all need a little spring break and just imagine… 9 whole days with nothing to do but sleep in and relax. Every mother’s fantasy.

Okay. Enough. I now have myself imagining ways I can find time to do all my work and find time for a leisurely nap. Enough day-dreaming. Time to get back to reality. Time to work.

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