Being a blended family is no easy proposition. There are complicated relationships and murky waters. That said, today, my blended family is finally back together and it feels fabulous.
The Girl returned from visiting her mother for the summer last night. Today, I took her and the boys berry picking and as I watched them all playing in the sandbox at the u-pick farm, I felt a sense of peace and contentment that I have not felt in about six weeks. I’ve had a nice and fairly relaxing summer but something has been missing. That something is back where she belongs… with us.
The boys were thrilled to hear she’d returned this morning and I could only hold them off so long before they went barreling into her room to wake her up (she had given permission the night before). The Baby must have sat with her for half an hour and wouldn’t even leave for me.
There are rough patches ahead for all of us but, today, having all my kids under one roof feels wonderful.

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  1. cpm says:

    You are amazing! I hope "the Girl" realizes how lucky she is to have you in her life…and I hope her birth Mom does too!

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