Living with a Blogger…

I guess I am officially a blogger now.

The Girl, upon my question as to why two teenage girls were sitting on my living room floor refusing to move until they figured how my four year’s transformers worked, asked ‘are you going to blog about this?’

I guess it never really occurred to me to think about the impact my blogging has on other people. I mean, I don’t discuss anything intensely personal (except when its about me – or when I’m particularly desperate), nor to I deal with issues relating to The Girl much, as I want to respect her privacy (being 15 is hard enough without your step-mom broadcasting your problems on the Internet!). I asked The Husband what he thought about my blogging and he says he’s okay with it… he figures it’s good therapy and he’s up for anything that helps keep me sane, or perhaps regain my sanity.

I guess that’s the hazard of living with a writer… everything is fair game.

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