Royal Wedding Confessions…

Okay… I admit it.  I got up early to watch ‘the wedding.’

I remember my mother did the same thing with Charles and Di (though we were on the West coast so her sacrifice was a little greater than my paltry 6:30 am).  I also remember not being allowed to get up to watch the event… and being really mad at her for it.

As a young girl I was in love with Prince Andrew and thought Sarah Ferguson was the most incredible princess ever.  I wanted to be just like her (considering her current standing with the Royal Family, I wonder what that says about my life goals?).

I speared headed my television station’s coverage of the Queen’s visit for Alberta’s centennial and, while jaded by the British press and the intricate rules, did find myself a little in awe of Her Majesty and impressed by her poise and grace under pressure.

I was even tempted to keep the collection of Royal memorabilia we found in my mother’s house.  There were ashtrays and mugs and pins.  I didn’t keep it in the end but, I have to admit, I was tempted by the gaudy mug with Charles and Di’s photos.

In reality, the wedding of Will and Kate has absolutely nothing to do with my life.  I may be electronically mobbed for saying this but I didn’t even like the dress.  There service was somewhat dull, though it was a nice sermon and the boys choir was wonderful.  It was a pretty anti-climactic morning.

That said, it was also a cultural moment that I wouldn’t miss.  This week I’ve heard my generation talking about the wedding of Will’s parents.  In the toy box at the cottage we have an antique View Master with slides of the Queen’s coronation.  Diana’s death has become a bit like the JFK assassination… people ask ‘where we you when…’.  Even if we bitch about them, we seem to mark our cultural moments with their significant events.

The monarchy may be increasingly irrelevant in our modern society but I still believe there is a role for the Royal Family.  They are so much a symbol of our past and our present.  Their own troubles mirror those in society… the marital problems, the financial pressures, the difficulty the older generation has in acclimatizing to this new reality.  I think the Palace is doing a wonderful job marrying tradition to reality.  The day began with the traditional Westminster Abby event complete with Queen Victoria’s myrtle in the bouquet, it will end with the dance party Harry is said to be holding at the Palace tonight. 

Now, if only I hadn’t misplaced my invitation.

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  1. Lisa MacColl says:

    I was up at 4:45am. I got up at a similar time to watch Charles and Diana marry, Andrew and Sarah, and to bury Diana with the rest of the world. When I was a child, my parents and I drove a couple of hours into the Eastern Townships in Quebec to stand on the side of the road. The Royal Yacht was docked somewhere, and the Queen and Prince Phillip drove by. She waved at me-I'm sure of it.The difference this year, was that I watched the television, and tweeted with like minded souls at the same time. IT made it more fun. While I believe that Queen Elizabeth II will likely be the last monarch as it exists in its current form, I wish her well. I hope I'm that spry and smart at 85.

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