Vacation… Take One

How is it we don’t follow our own advice? We know it’s good stuff… I mean we’re the one’s giving it, yet somehow it is still tough to follow through.

I’ve been on vacation – hence the lack of posting. I even got a real vacation… the one I announced I was taking. It was supposed to be a vacation from my responsibilities… ALL my responsibilities like kids, family, work, and everything giving me stress. I didn’t turn out like I planned.

Last week I left my kids in the care of their very capable Daddy but I managed to leave the cottage almost 2 hours later than hoped for. I did manage to wander around the campus of my Alma mater and have a fabulous lunch at my favorite Moncton restaurant but spent much of the afternoon doing errands for my mother, sister, husband and children. I missed my hoped for movie matinee (which, much as I liked the idea, didn’t trouble me too much as it happened to be the first week in months that there wasn’t really anything I wanted to see in theatres) and I spent much of my time wandering aimlessly and failing to find a restaurant that interested me for dinner. I was home before the boys’ bedtime.

It was on the ride home that I thought of all the things I should have done… I should have gone golfing, booked a ticket to one of the great live theatres in the area or at least have gone to the beach. I think spending so much time taking care of other people has made me forget how to take care of myself. This is an easy pitfall for mothers. Our lives are so wrapped up in the well being of our children that, even when we do get time for ourselves, it’s in such small chunks we don’t get to do much that’s meaningful.

I still believe it is important for mothers to get time to themselves and I guess I am making headway… I did take the time, I just didn’t make very good use of it. I’ll call this practice for next year. I WILL take another vacation and this one will have some advance planning.

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