Vacation Mode…

Well, I’m not sure the start to my vacation was a good one. In the midst of my breakfast I discovered The Boy crying because he’d lost his car down the central vac system. Now he’s upstairs mad because I won’t buy him a new yellow car to replace the one he lost. Apparently I’m not nice. Ahh, parenting. It’s so relaxing.

That said, I think I’m due for a little relaxation. I seem to have slipped into vacation mode a little early. My motivation this week has been rather limited. I’ve been drawing a blank about blogging (and about most things) and, to be honest, I’ve been hesitant about posting something new because the last post was about my dad and I didn’t want to replace it.

I’ve decided it’s time for a day off. My husband is about to start 10 days of holiday and that got me thinking. While I don’t begrudge him that holiday, he’s earned it, it’s also time for the stay-at-home/work-at-home mommy to get one too. I am taking somewhat of a holiday from the regular work schedule but my ever present computer and a bunch of work will be accompanying us to the cottage. I have however decided that I do get one full day off… from everything and everyone.

I keep saying I’m going to take some time for myself but I never seem to find time to do it. I said I was going to book a pedicure once we got through exams… I didn’t do it. I said I was going to start going to the coffee shop with a book regularly… that hasn’t happened either. This time I reallly am taking my day off. I’m going to leave everyone at the cottage and go to the city. I’m going to go shopping, go to an art gallery, have lunch at my favorite restaurant and drink expensive coffees. Maybe I’ll even hit the pub I used to enjoy for a beer and a nice long read.

I know I talk all too much about the need for some simple alone time for mothers here but too often we just talk the talk… and I’m as guilty as the next. As summer is here and school is out (the report card comes home today… my fingers are crossed!) we need to take this to heart. Vacation is not only for the working parent and the kdis. Lets all take some time off.

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