The Other Side of My Ocean: more Ireland blogs

I sit here on the stores of Galway Bay. It is an ocean away from my home and from my life.

It feels different here. Peaceful. At the same time, it is the same ocean I see at home.

Sitting here it is easy to see the metaphor. As I see the other side of the ocean, it is easier to see the other side of my life.

Ireland is so very much like my Atlantic home: from the windy shores to the lush green hills to the traditional Celtic instruments played in the pubs.

The life I lead here, however, is very different. We have a destination for the end of the day, but the journey is unplanned. There are no appointments, no bedtimes. In fact, we don’t bother with clocks much at all. The map is only a suggestion and lunch consists mainly of a sandwich from the local supermarket, whenever and wherever we feel like it (the sandwiches here, by the way, are way better than anything I have found in Canada – but that’s another post). Today our travels have taken us to this deteriorating boat launch on Galway Bay. The Husband is off taking pictures and I get to write and ponder at my leisure. What luxury.

A few cars pass on the road and there are a few houses nearby but, for the most part, the only sounds are the sea birds and The Husband’s distant footfalls. This pace, and this silence, is so foreign to the life I lead at home.

What I wonder is… does it have to be? We have rocky coasts and sea birds at home but I rarely stop to enjoy them. Granted ‘leisurely’ is not a pace that is possible with the Dudes but there should always be time for exploration.

Whether it is finding bugs in the backyard or examining rocks on the beach, Big Dude has mastered finding adventure in the smallest things. I think it is time for me to bring this vacation mindset home to my side of the ocean and institute at little wonder in our daily routine.

I need to member that life doesn’t have to get in the way of living.

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