The great diaper explosion… followed by the great Mommy explosion.

I used to hear about those gross kids moments where a child takes his dirty diaper and ‘paints’ all over his crib or the kids who takes off his diaper to ‘go’ in the corner of the carpet and think… thank goodness that isn’t me.

Today I was that mom. 

Imagine, if you will, a very full overnight pull up.  Then, add the image of all that disgusting pee soaked gel inside said diaper.  Now imaging that exploding all over the room.

That was my image today getting out of the shower.  It was everywhere.  The floor, the carpet, the clothes, the wall, the closet, the curtains… and Little Dude. 

It seems Big Dude thought it would be fun to throw said pull-up against the wall until it exploded.  Little Dude added to the catastrophe by whirling it around like a lasso.

It was not my finest parenting moment.

The Husband was at work.  The Girl was in bed (though how she slept through what followed can only be attributed to a teenage coma). 

Needless to say, we were late for church.

I often use this blog to help myself find the larger lesson in my day.

Any ideas what the larger lesson here might be?

Never leave your children alone? God forbid… every mommy needs a moment alone.  No more diapers?  I wish.  Suck it up sweetheart?  Maybe.  Keep calm and carry on?  Not likely.

I just know I never, NEVER, want to see the inside of a diaper again (insert shudder here).

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