The Blessing of Boys…

I do not understand the male fascination with the penis.

The Boy is obsessed! He’s grabbing himself all the time. I don’t know how many times a day I have to say ‘let go of your penis’ – not a phrase I ever thought would be a regular part of my vocabulary!

I know it’s a natural part of growing up for him. He’s just recently potty trained (a miracle, I know – in the end, as I predicted, he made the decision and just made it happen… well, that and the promise of a Cars toy laptop computer) and, now that he’s diaper free, he has easy access to his ‘parts.’

I guess I’m getting what I asked for. I wanted boys. Sure, a little girl would have been nice but I wanted a mommy’s boy. Girls seemed too hard on my head with the promise of divaesque behavior and the guarantee of a teenage attitude. Boys seemed simpler. I just didn’t take into account the penis.

A few weeks ago The Husband was out of town and the boys were in the bath. The Boy was, as usual, playing with his penis. He was stretching it to lengths and widths that seemed painful, even to a woman. He then asked me if I could hold open the hole of his penis so he could pour water into it. Now, I ask you how is a woman who had no brothers or close male cousins to deal with that question?

Luckily, the fascinating now seems to be abating. I think I only had to tell him to let go once yesterday. Of course, it will start all over again when puberty approaches but hopefully I’ll have a few years to prepared for that.

Boys may be simpler but that doesn’t mean they are easy!

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2 Responses to The Blessing of Boys…

  1. Divawrites says:

    See, now I'm glad I have a girl, dramatics, hysterics and diva-in-training notwithstanding…I wouldn't know how to answer that particular request either!

  2. Cancel says:

    Rachel, Thats great that you get to spend that time with your girls! Ive heard to homeschool in PA you have to have an atcual teaching degree. A good friend of mine (who had her degree) was a homeschooling mama 🙂 We are trying to squeeze in all that we can these last few weeks!

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