Tales of wine, bathtime and the TV babysitter…

There’s a lesson of motherhood that continually surprises me… and I’m usually reminded of it at the times when I need that knowledge the most.

You see… I indulged a little too much last night. Certainly not a regular occurrence but, as it was a Christmas party for my mommy friends, we got to talking and drinking. I blame the fish bowl sized wine glasses and the generous host and hostess. No matter what the reason, I woke up this morning feeling less than my usually perky morning mommy (please note that sentence was practically swimming in sarcasm, I’ve never been accused of being perky – or even conscious – in the morning).

The morning started out rather badly with the boys demanding breakfast far earlier than usual and, after an unpleasant incident with some spilled juice, I decided to take action. Feeling huge amounts of mommy guilt ,I put the Big Dude on the computer to play and put the Elmo Christmas special on for the Little Dude. I gratefully sank into a bath.

Physically I began to feel better, but mentally I was beating myself up. Somewhere it has been ingrained in me that TV or computer games are a mommy cop-out. I felt selfish and neglectful for taking care of myself first but, as the silence settled, I peeked out of the bathroom to see my two little blond heads, the older one conquering the alphabet with help from Diego and the younger learning all about the miracle of Christmas from his favorite red monster. They were both safe, loved and perfectly happy.

The reality is they were fine and I had made the right choice. As mothers we have to take care of ourselves first in order to be able to take care of our children (a mental picture of the airline safety brochure with the mother donning the mask first is flashing through my mind). I was taking care of myself when I chose to take the evening off and recharge myself with good friends (maybe not so much with that last glass of wine, but that’s another story) and I was taking care of myself when I chose to have a bath and restart my day. When I was done we all got dressed, got out of the house with slightly less chaos than usual and our day went well from there.

Too often mothers forget to value themselves as much as they value the rest of their family. It’s okay to put on the TV once in a while and it’s okay to put yourself first. Of course, I’ll forget that soon and try to do too much again. Hopefully it won’t take a hangover to remind me.

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  1. Divawrites says:

    The only way I get anything written is with the TV Babysitter. I know, for example, that the Backyardigans Dragon DVD gives me an hour, because she doesn't like the third episode. "Monsters versus Aliens" the current favorite buys me almost 2 hours of glorious writing time. My husband asks me periodically what a certain DVD is like. Most of them I've never seen; I know how long they are, though.If mommy isn't happy, no one else is. You did the right thing. Sometimes, the best thing a mommy can do is give herself a timeout. (although my daughter is a bubble bath seeking missile and I've had the share. Not quite as relaxing…)

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