My not-so-funny life…

I think I’ve lost my sense of humour.

It’s a realization that came to me this morning while considering my blog post for today. I would never have considered myself a comedian by any stretch but I like to think I have a dry wit. I read some of the mommy bloggers I admire, and I enjoy the way they find humour in the chaos that is motherhood. I used to write like that but somewhere it’s gotten lost.

The ideda disturbs me. I believe a healthy sense of humour is an important part of a healthy life. It’s one of the strong points of my marriage. The Husband and I enjoy making each other laugh and often manage the tough spots with humour. The idea that I’m losing that ability is worrisome. What with work, three kids, a sick parent and a house to run (and a looming three week mother-in-law visit) I need all the survival skills I can muster.

The question is how to I get it back? I’ve been doing a lot better these days at slowing down and not taking everything so seriously. I feel calmer and more grateful for what I do have, but everything still seems so serious! Even my blog posts of late have lacked any spark. I need a little funny in my life.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Divawrites says:

    run, do not walk to your local video store and rent a DVD of the Carol Burnett show or something similar that will let you laugh out loud. Jeff Foxworthy or Bill Cosby’s classic “Noah” sketch works for me too.Sometimes life isn’t funny…so it’s good to be able to laugh at something that is supposed to be to get us back on track…I handle things with dark humour, too…but sometimes I can’t find the sarcasm or black/bleak humour either…it is what it is…no one gets out alive, after all.Hugs

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