My Birthday with the Boys

It’s been a while since I last posted on the blog but I have a good excuse… both my husband and my child care provider have been out of town. With a deadline looming and a sick child, it’s been a pretty crazy week.

It’s been crazy but it’s been good too. I’ve been having a lot of dark mommy moments lately and I was pretty concerned about how I would do on my own (I have the utmost respect for single mothers – or fathers – parenting alone is really tough!). My patience level has been pretty minimal and The Boy has been testing limits all over the place.

I was pleased to discover we did pretty well. We had a three day weekend with no activities planned – usually a disaster for my kids – but we managed pretty well and we even had some fun. The last day, the unplanned fourth day of our weekend which happened because of a surprise ear infection, I was ready for Daddy’s return, but all in all we did well. It helps that I have smart kids they managed to start our solo week off on the right foot.

As usual, my husband was away on my birthday (in the seven years we’ve been married he’s been home for one birthday) but the boys made up for it. The night before was a rough night for both kids so I ended up bringing The Baby to my bed in the middle of the night. The Boy crawled in with me around 5 am but promptly fell back asleep. So on my actual birthday I awoke at 7:15 (a luxury with my 6am risers) to find a boy cuddled up on each side of me. Just as I was enjoying that, The Baby woke and crawled right on top of me and gave me a full-body hug. It was a pretty incredible way to start the day. I got some pretty nice gifts from my loved ones that day but, I’m afraid, nothing could top that gift from my boys.

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  1. WA says:

    Happy birthday!And what a lovely start you had. If it were me, that scene would probably end with someone peeing on me. :)Wendi Aarons

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