Motherhod vs career… conflicting or complimentary?

Sometimes you just need a little adult conversation.

I had a meeting today… complete with work clothes, makeup and… gasp… contact lenses!

I got up, had a shower and left the entire morning routine to The Husband (with the exception of one poopy bum… but, well, you can’t have it all).  I left the house carrying a briefcase and wearing heels.  I even stopped for a coffee en route.  I felt like a real professional.  It felt great.

The meeting centred around ideas and creativity and professionalism and no one spilled their apple juice.

After that was done, I went to the gym.  I felt energized and accomplished and had my best workout in months.  I wasn’t dragging my ass as I normally do.

When I returned home, Little Dude and I had a great lunch conversation about zebras and elbows and I felt engaged and happy to be with just him.

As Little Dude approaches school I have been struggling with the idea of how, or if, to expand my professional life… considering work potential both at home and in the workplace.

This morning was food for thought.  For today… working outside the house made me a better mother.  Stimulating all those parts of my brain that don’t have to do with my kids, left me appreciating them that much more.

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2 Responses to Motherhod vs career… conflicting or complimentary?

  1. Alison DeLory says:

    For me, motherhood and career are most definitely complementary. Especially because I want my kids (boys) to see me in a career. I think it's important to role model ambition and multi-tasking. Some times I am tired and cranky and not always the best parent I could be…but I think that would intensify if I were at home full-time with them. I have high regard for stay-at-home parents, I think that's the hardest job of all, but I know it's not for me. For each person there is a different right fit.

  2. Cathrine says:

    I think blending work from home and working outside of the home will be ideal – and absolutely achieveable in today's flexible workplace. We are all multifaceted and thrive in a variety of environments. We get inspired, and give our best selves to the world and our families when we find a balance that works.

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