Hungry Hippo Hell

There are certain toys that need to disappear into the night… never to be seen again.

Currently I am  having an internal battle about Hungry Hippos.  The kids are having a ball… I, however, feel like my head is about to explode.

It’s not just the noise; there are lots of ‘fun’ reasons to play Hungry Hippos.

  • The volume of the toy seems to increase the volume of those playing it.  Yelling to be heard above the constant din of chomping hippos is not good for Mommy’s sanity.
  • The flying marbles… apparently those plastic hippos must be terrifying because the stupid little marbles seems to regularly leap out of the game and onto the floor and under tables, the stove and after the startled cat.
  • The competition… I just spend five minutes explaining the concept of fair.  Apparently it is fair if the other child has only three marbles compared to fifteen, but if the tables are turned it is a tragedy.

I have been fantasising of other uses for my little Hungry Hippos…

  • Torture device:  Who needs waterboarding? Stick a prisoner in a room with four three years olds and a Hungry Hippo game, but make sure that one of the marbles are lost so there will never be an equal distribution of marbles.  You’ll get your information in no time.
  • Flying Saucer:  I’ve often thought the multicolored Hippos would look great flying across my lawn (as long as it is AWAY from my house).
  • Target:  The Girl has taken up Range shooting, it’s a highly visible object, perhaps they can use it (and abuse it).

Damn Hippos.

What toy would you like to see disappear in the dark of night?

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