How gratitude got Ireland off on the right foot….

Here’s another of the Ireland blogs… this one written as the vacation was beginning.

Don’t you love those days where it just seems you cannot get a break?

I know everyone gets them… but I swear, they seem to be breeding in my family. Those days are turning into weeks, or even months.

I was feeling relaxed for the first time in months. We had beautiful weather. We had visits from two sets of our dearest friends and Canada Day saw me abandon a long to-do list in favour or relaxing in the pool and BBQing with good friends. The big trip was on the horizon and my lack of preparation for said trip wasn’t even bothering me (too much).

Then the flu hit. Not me, but my sister. The one who was to take the children for 8 days while we flew into our child-free escape. It quickly escalated from a stomach bug to a nasty virus that landed her in the hospital twice for IV fluids (that last being on the day we left). The Husband and I spent the weekend getting her groceries, making the beds and doing any other errands that might lessen the burden. Despite my urge to cancel the trip, my crazy sister shooed us out the door with a weak smile and a wave of a gauze covered hand (there to protect the IV needle still inserted, in case a return trip to the E.R. was necessary).

It was not an auspicious start. I was wracked with guilt all the way to the airport. A phone call before we boarded the flight assured me all was well. Reinforcements had been called in and my sister had to only lie a little in telling me she was feeling okay.

I am currently flying over the edge of the ocean, knowing I need to find a way to let this all go. My sister is suffering through this to give me and The Husband a much needed escape. None of this was our idea (not that we argued about it though). Dreamed up and paid for by my mother and facilitated by my, now sickly, sister, this was supposed to be a reprieve.

I am incredibly grateful for this gift. As I sit on this place heading for Ireland, it is time to count my blessings:

  1. I have generous and loving family members that continually put my needs ahead of theirs.
  2. I have a sibling I trust with my children implicitly, and who creates such a welcoming environment for them that we practically had to beg for a kiss goodbye.
  3. My children are always with me. Upon arriving in my seat, I discovered a young travelling companion who quickly labelled me ‘Auntie Megan’. His presence is enough to make the ache of missing my Dudes a little duller.
  4. I have been bumped up to business class, meaning the seat are large enough to let me enjoy my young travelling companion without finding him in my lap.
  5. The warm hand towel and complimentary wine about to be served are helping me regain my vacation state of mind.

It is tempting to complain to the universe about the barriers that seem to get in the way. Instead I am choosing gratitude… to my mother, to my sister, to the fates and to the beautiful country where I hope to rediscover myself and my relationship.

…Now for that wine and a movie….

Post script: The kids were fine and my sister recovered. They all had fun and my crazy sister even suggested we change our tickets to stay long. Choosing gratitude help me start what turned out to be a fabulous trip on the right note. It was a reminder about how much of a difference attitude make, even in the most frustrating of circumstance.

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  1. Aj Carlile says:

    Oh I'm sorry to hear about your sister. I did came across your post when your sister was still fighting with flu and you were on your way to Ireland for vacation. Sad the flu got worse, but happy that she has recovered. I should say she is really wonderful sister when she wanted to have a break and unwind despite her condition at the time. Still it was worth it since you did have fun which she did want also. You guys are lucky to have each other. You both know how to take care of one another. Admirable.

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