Happiness is hard….

I had a revelation today.

Happiness is not easy… in fact, happiness is hard.

I think we are brought up with this notion that happiness is something that just comes to us if we live our life right… though who really knows what living life ‘right’ really means.

I’m starting to believe that’s bull. I mean they call it the pursuit of happiness don’t they? If it came easily, we wouldn’t have to chase it.

We live in a very negative world. Just think how many times we start the day in a great mood and then think about how long it took for something, anything really, to bring you down from that high.

My Lenten cancer-free life project already had me thinking about my life and my mental state.  I guess I hadn’t looked at it as measuring my happiness until I read Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project but since I did I have realize that is exactly what I am trying to increase.  I want to be happier in the life I have chosen to lead.

I have no regrets about choosing the life I did.  I love being a wife and mother.  I can’t imagine having to leave the boys to go to work every day.  Working from home is hard, but it is my choice and I would choose it again.  That said, I don’t feel happy very often.  I get caught up in the daily grind.  The tantrums and whining and deadlines seem to dominate my days.

When I do stop to enjoy the moment I do feel a deep sense of contentment and happiness but that doesn’t happen often enough.  Reading The Happiness Project was a good wake up call for me.  It didn’t have any major revelations that will change my life but I am taking away some good tips that I hope will serve as reminders. 

The key reminder from the book was that I really need to learn to ‘let it go.’  I need to let the frustrating moments pass and hold on to the precious ones.  It takes work and practice to be able to do that, I think.

Happiness is hard… but it’s worth the work.

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    Such a great post!

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