Dumping the laundry for living in the Moment

It was a beautiful fall day yesterday.

The bathrooms needed cleaning, the laundry was half done, a birthday cake needed baking and these darned grant applications were haunting me.

So we went to the apple orchard.

It wasn’t a grand solution to my growing to-do list but it made for a fabulous afternoon.

I don’t think I would have done it if we didn’t have guests to entertain but I am really glad I did.  We picked grapes, which I have never done.  We picked apples and plums.  Little Dude had a ball playing with the big trucks in the sandpit and letting the baby chicks out of their hutch, encouraging them to eat the sand.  I sat in the sun while my in-laws perused the gift shop. 

Overall it was a nearly perfect afternoon… and if I had been left to me we probably wouldn’t have gone.

It’s  good reminder that sometimes we just have to dump the responsibilities and enjoy the moment.  There is a reason why I choose to work from home.  There is a reason why I only do it part-time.  I’m supposed to be here for the boy’s formative years.  Instead, too often, I miss them because I’m tied to the computer or the kitchen or the cleaning supplies.

One of my Lenten promises was to learn to enjoy the moment.  I think it’s the most challenge part of that whole experiment, but when I do remember the pay off is great.

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