Bad Mother of the Year Award

I am a terrible mother… at least I am today.

I actually forgot to pick up The Boy at school. I was worrying about a deadline and totally forgot. I suddenly feel all the balls in the air crashing around me.

Thank goodness for the wonderful mommy friend who noticed my lapse and called to ask if she should bring him home. What would I do without my mommy friends?

The thing that surprised me most what the comment from my child care provider when I belatedly took hm over to her house. She said she was surprised I’d admit forgetting him.

I guess it is a shameful thing I did but he was in a safe and warm place protected by a teacher who clearly adores him. This is what having a support network is all about. I dropped the ball today and I’m not proud of it but he’s safe and protected and I am proud of that.

Maybe that’s trying to be a mother and work at the same time has done for me. I now admit it. I can’t do it all. But with help, it somehow gets done. I have friends who help me and I take the time to offer that support to them.

So, again, to my mommy friends (one in particular today) I will use my son’s new favorite phrase… You Rock!

(Of course, by having taken the time to write this, I will now be late to pick them up… sigh!)

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  1. Divawrites says:

    If I had a dollar for everytime I screeched into the parking lot at summer camp last summer at EXACTLY 3:30pm to pick up the kid, our mortgage would be much less than it is now. We're moms, wives, daughters, friends and writers, not always in that order. We juggle. Sometimes successfully, sometimes, not so much. The Boy was warm, safe and taken care of. The mommy part of your brain knew that and gave the writer part of your brain control for a few minutes. You didn't leave him home alone with a cup of milk for hours or overnight. You slipped roles for a few minutes because the mom part knew he was safe.Cut yourself some slack. There but by the grace of no traffic lights go I as well…Hugs

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