Back-to-School Angst

The new school clothes were folded and put away and the lunch bag was ready and waiting  It was time for back to school.  Part of me couldn’t wait.  Two months, mostly on my own, with the Dudes full time has been tiring… but, as I gathered the gear on back-to-school eve, a very big part of me felt only regret.

I have to say… I expected to be like that guy in the staples commercial… you know, the one singing about the best time of the year.

Two months seemed like such an expanse of time.  I planned trips to the beach, museum travels, educational outings and lots of books.

I managed to read lots of books… but mostly because I have been housebound due to this damn foot.

Granted, housebound at the cottage beats being at home any day, but I still feel like I have missed out on my summer.

I was so wrapped up in my own angst over the end of the summer that never was, I forgot to reflect on those that really count.  When faced with greeting a new little girl starting school for the first time at the bus stop this morning, Big Dude burst into tears.  After weeks of bravado about being excited to go back, Dude was suddenly anxious about the end of his summer too; new teacher, new classmates, new challenges.  Suddenly he was longing for lazy days at the cottage too.

What I forgot was that September is a time of change and that change does not discriminate, no matter how old we are. 

What I also forgot was that people thrive on change.

Big Dude came home literally vibrating with excitement over his ‘awesome’ day… and I managed my errands and started working my way into the new routine.  I’m not sure I’m thriving yet but I’ll adjust. 

Maybe I need a few new crayons to get excited too.

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