The Curse of the Military Wife

I’ve taken to calling it the curse of the military wife.

It doesn’t matter how long the absence, something major always seems to go wrong when The Husband is away. When we lived in Edmonton the hot tub decided to let loose its entire water content into the backyard (in the winter, of course), another time the furnace gave out. Those are just a few of the stories, many of the others I have chosen to mentally block from my memory, if for nothing else than to preserve my sanity. This time the mini-disasters have ranged from a dead battery in the van, a sick mommy and now a sick baby – and The Husband has only been gone three days! Last time he was out of town the baby ran a fever the entire time. Since I can’t see my doctor for at least 10 days, I’m now facing a minimum hour wait at outpatients.

As much as this military Murphy’s Law depresses me, what saves my sanity is the amazing support network I have finally managed to build around myself. The military life is truly a unique one. It promotes a level of caring for your neighbour that you don’t find many places these days. I had four offers of people willing to take my son to pre-school the day I was sick, the military family resource centre provided free child care so I could recover (mostly) and a close friend’s husband dropped everything to come jump my van… and then proceeded to follow me home to spend nearly an hour helping me scrape ice off my driveway so it wouldn’t become a skating rink.

It’s not fun being stuck in a jam without your partner, but having a support network I can trust makes it mostly bearable – now if only that darn fever would break I might be able to get back on track! I feel what disaster will come next.

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  1. Paulene Rosa says:

    Hats off to all those brave ladies who have stood beside their husband at the time of war… It’s because of the family encouragement and support that we have brave soldiers who risk their life for the welfare of people… Thanks for the post… The Parachute Regiment

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