Thank God for the Mommy Telegraph…

Thank Goodness for the Mommy telegraph.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating…. mothering would be much harder if it weren’t for other mothers. Flu season this year has been a nightmare with all the hype about the H1N1 vaccine, the long lines and the limited doses. With my mom being sick there was no doubt we would all get the shots, but figuring out how and when to take the kids for their shots has been next to impossible… that is, until Monday night. One mother called another ,who called another, who called yet another, who called me… there were no lineups at the local clinic so we packed up the kids and managed to get in and out in 1/2 an hour. What a relief to have that done and at a time when The Husband was home and able to help. I had no intention to going that day fearing the combination of long waits and young children, instead it was low stress for everyone involved… and we got spiderman stickers! What could be better?

It’s another reminder of how much I appreciate my ‘mommy’ friends. This is a tough job and, as much as people mean well, unless you’re a mom still in the thick of young kids, most people just don’t understand. The little things we can do for each other, whether it’s a cup of coffee or an afternoon off or, in this case a simple phone call, make a big difference. So… thank you to my mommy friends. I appreciate you all. You make this crazy ride a little steadier.

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  1. Divawrites says:

    Mommys rock. My husband's best friend doesn't have kids, and the other friend's kids are grown. They forget/don't get that we can't simply pick up and go at 7pm on Friday night because the gang wants to go somewhere…logistics, people. They are already planning New Year's Eve. Hubby might have to work, and I am not going solo. I also not taking my 4 year old to a house party that I will have to leave around 10pm latest if I want to cope with child the next day. It's different when you're a mom. I don't mind staying home with a good movie and snacks. I was never a big New Years' fan anyway. I have to get up the next morning, and the kid won't care what time we got to bed…but this 46 year old body will. 46 with a 4 year old is no place for sissies.

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